Life processes are the basic functions performed by living organisms to survive on earth. It has to be performed uninterruptedly in both active and inactive stage of organism.

Some of the life processes are nutrition, respiration, transportation, excretion, control and coordination, growth etc. Every living organism needs energy for performing every life processes.

  • NUTRITION:   Nutrition is the process of intake of food and utilize it for generating energy.
  • RESPIRATIONRespiration is the process of inhaling oxygen from the environment and use it in the process of break-down of food for cellular needs.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Intake of food and oxygen are performed by specialized organs in one place of body whereas all parts of the body need them. To overcome this problem a certain process is carried out (transportation) by special cells.
  • EXCRETIONThe process of removal of by-products produced in the body is known as excretion.
  • CONTROL AND COORDINATION:  This is a process which helps the living organism to survive in the changing environments.

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