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The flow of blood along with endometrium cells of uterus and mucus through vagina is called menstruation. It is also called as menses, periods, chumps etc. It occurs around a regular interval of 28 days. Cyclic menstruation is an indicator of normal reproductive phase and extends between menarche and menopause. MENARCHE Onset of menstruation is […]


Sexual reproduction is a mode of reproduction in which an offspring is formed by two parents (different individual of opposite sex). Sexually reproducing organisms are needed to reach certain stage of growth and maturity before reproducing. Despite several variations in morphology and internal structure organisms show same pattern of life or we can say that […]


Asexual reproduction is a mode of reproduction by which offspring arises from single parent without fusion of gametes. This method is mainly adapted by single celled organisms and plants. Offsprings produced by this method are identical to each other and to its parent. Morphologically and genetically identical individuals are termed as clones. Type of asexual […]