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The flow of blood along with endometrium cells of uterus and mucus through vagina is called menstruation. It is also called as menses, periods, chumps etc. It occurs around a regular interval of 28 days. Cyclic menstruation is an indicator of normal reproductive phase and extends between menarche and menopause. MENARCHE Onset of menstruation is […]


Fossil fuels like petrol, natural gas and coal take thousands of years for formation but the man is using them in much faster rate. If they are used at the present rate, all the known global reserves may be lost for less than a century. So, to deal with it and with the tremendous development […]

Agricultural Revolutions

REVOLUTION RELATED WITH FATHER/ PERSON ASSOCIATED WITH Black Revolution Petroleum Production   Blue Revolution Fish Production Dr. Arun Krishnan Brown Revolution Leather Production Cocoa Production Hiralal Chaudhri Golden Fibre Revolution Jute   Golden Revolution Fruits Production Honey Production Overall Horticulture Development Nirpakh Tutej Green Revolution Food Grains Production M.S. Swaminathan Grey Revolution Curb the use […]


We are always asked not to disturb plants at night as they are sleeping. Do they really sleep? Yes, they do sleep but not in the way we do as they lack Central Nervous System. They exhibit circadian rhythm for sleeping or life processes. Circadian rhythm also referred as body clock is a 24-hour cycle […]

What is Binomial Nomenclature?

Binomial Nomenclature is the formal system of naming organisms. It is composed of two parts – the first part of the name identifies the genus of an organism and the second part (specific epithet) of the name identifies the species of an organism. The binomial aspect of this system means that each organism is given […]

6 Foods That Can Boost Your Memory

A strong memory depends on healthy and vitality of your brain. Whether you are a student or a working professional, there’s a lot of you can do to enhance your brain power. Stay healthy, take proper meal and avoid street food. There are some foods that may help you to boost your memory. 1. Salmon […]